Student and Parent / Guardian information

Code of Conduct​

  • Students are expected to behave appropriately, treat staff and other students with courtesy and respect, and to act with maturity.

  • Students are expected to be punctual and polite. All our staff will show equal respect to all our students.

Timekeeping and Attendance

  • Students are required to attend from 09:30am to 14:15pm. Lateness or absence must be reported to us for the attendance register before 10am. Attendance after 10:40am will not be permitted without a valid reason.

Lunch and Break times

  • Lunch and break times are explained during induction. Students can only leave site during breaks or lunch with the consent of their school or referring agency. Lunch is not provided by Red Box Training.

Health and Safety

  • Students must comply with all health and safety legislation, training, information, staff instructions and signage.

  • Students must wear and use PPE as instructed by staff.

Dress code

  • Students are expected to dress appropriately and as instructed by tutors. Clothing may become stained due to training activities i.e. hair colour, paint, motor oil. PPE is provided to minimize this risk.

Drugs, Alcohol and Weapons

  • Students found in possession of any illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons will be permanently excluded and reported to parents, school and the Police. We reserve the right to search students on our premises if we suspect they are in possession of any such items.

Safeguarding and Bullying.

  • We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead to manage any safeguarding concerns. See safeguarding for more information.

  • We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, cyberbullying, and peer-on-peer abuse.

Searching, Screening and Confiscation.

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